Office 365 Automation Provisioning and Billing Solution

Microsoft CSPs and Office 365 – an introduction

SMBs today need to move to the cloud to drive in the business transformations that’re in the offing due to it. This has opened a world of booming opportunities for the service providers to gain economically through digitization. The Microsoft CSP program enables cloud services providers to capture these large, unexplored markets by:
  • Selling a wider range of Microsoft cloud offerings, with Office 365 provisioning being one of them.
  • Gaining ownership of the complete cloud customer lifecycle through creation of plans, setting margins, and billing, sales and support management.
  • Integrating, provisioning and billing Office 365 with their legacy products and providing increased value to the customers through bundled services.

Why is there a need for Office 365 Automation?

Office 365 being a cloud based solution, comes with certain operational complexities in terms of provisioning and accounts’ management. There’s no inbuilt functionality in Office 365 to automatically assign, suspend and unsuspend licenses. So, the task falls on the already highly occupied technical team.
Such operationally intensive, andredundant tasks become the responsibility of the technical team, thereby consuming valuable resources and increasing organizational overheads. Also, the manual involvement in the above processes make them time – consuming and error prone.
Automation provides an answer to all the above issues. 🙂
Office 365 service delivery and automation tool can help Microsoft CSP partners in:
  • Automating complete Office 365 customer lifecycle, comprising sales, billing, service delivery, account provisioning, management and even support.
  • Bundling their legacy services with Microsoft Office 365 and creating customized cloud solutions for customers.
  • Adding various relevant services to Office 365 for creating bundled solutions with automation of all the involved business processes.
  • Enabling partners of CSPs in further reselling Office 365 services seamlessly with further Office 365 billing automation.

RackNap – Enabling Office 365 service delivery and management automation

RackNap comes readily integrated with Office 365 API that enables Microsoft CSP partners in:
  • Selling, provisioning and billing Office 365 within seconds.
  • Managing lifecycle of the Office 365 customers, including support smoothly.
  • Single view, accessibility and management capabilities of Office 365 licenses within RackNap client panel.
  • Obtaining market readiness with integrated Microsoft portal accessible from within the client panel.
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